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‘The Poets Weave’ celebrates 1,000 episodes this March

The Poets Weave

On March 31, WFIU’s The Poets Weave will air its 1,000th episode. The Poets Weave was created by Bloomington-based writer Jenny Kander in 2006, who produced and hosted it through 2009.

Jenny Kander is known to many as the “poetry lady,” a title she says she adores. She came to Bloomington in 1992 from South Africa to live near her daughter, Tamar Kander, a painter. When she moved here, she promised herself poetry classes—something she’d never had the time for when she worked as a grief counselor. In addition to creating The Poets Weave for WFIU, she also hosted The Linen of Words on WFHB, Bloomington’s community radio station.

Episode 1,000 of The Poets Weave will feature Antonia Matthew reading “Rabbit Mysteries” and other poems with early-spring themes. Matthew is a member of the Writers Guild of Bloomington and is a student of Women Writing for Change, Bloomington.

The Poets Weave airs Sundays at 3:54 p.m. on WFIU and at 5:54 p.m. on WFIU2. Episodes are also available on The Poets Weave's website.