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Waldron Arts Center Hosts Mellencamp Memorial Exhibition

2 paintings, a self portrait of Marilyn Mellencamp and a Bird

The Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center is currently hosting its first memorial art exhibition. The exhibition features the work of local amateur artist and arts patron Marilyn Mellencamp. Gallery director Julie Roberts explained how Mellencamp's paintings clearly show a love of the art form.

"I like the way the show celebrates the joy of painting or doing any kind of art because it enriches your life-not because it's your profession or it's something that you have to do."

The exhibit comes at a good time for Ivy Tech's new fine arts degree. A new fine arts scholarship fund has recently been established in Mellencamp's name by the Southern Indiana Center for the Arts, an organization Mellencamp helped to create.

"It was a nice way to promote a scholarship for the arts for Seymour students who are pursuing college degrees in music, fine arts, or theater. And at the same time promoting the fact that we've got our new associate of fine arts degree."

The artwork of Marilyn Mellencamp will remain on view at the John Waldron through September 22.

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