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Lemons Into Lemonade: Fundraiser Benefits Food Pantry

Love the Hub

Birthdays can be hard.

For local performer Lara Weaver, her forty-fifth birthday was proving to be the hardest one yet.

She remembers, "I was facing my forty-fifth birthday with some dread, and I thought, 'That's not me, and that's not who I've ever been.'"


Instead of asking for gifts or having a big party, Lara decided to create a series of live performances and fundraising events. She called the project Love the Hub, and all the proceeds go to Mother Hubbard's Cupboard, a non-profit community pantry located on the west side of Bloomington.

One woman at the pantry explained why she used Mother Hubbard's Cupboard. She only works part time, and her  granddaughter has just moved back in with her. "It helps out," she says, "every little bit."

The Results

At the time this article is being posted, Love the Hub has raised over $6,000. That is a little more than enough money to keep the pantry stocked for a full month.

Lara doesn't have any problem talking about her age now. She turned forty-five on December 8th.

She says, "It's been absolutely transformative, and it was the cure I absolutely needed for my malaise and self-loathing."

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