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Street Sounds: Mitch Rice

Bloomington, Indiana is home to a variety of musicians who hone their skills and spread the joy of music through impromptu performances around the city. From the Community Farmers Market to a street corner on Kirkwood, Artworks will highlight these fixtures of the local music scene in our new series Street Sounds.

In our first installment, a conversation with musician who's long been a part of the city's landscape, whether strumming for downtown gallery-goers on first Fridays, or enthralling the zero-to-six set on Saturday mornings.  WFIU's Yaël Ksander spoke with Mitch Rice, who brought his ukulele along for the occasion...

The Street Sounds series is made possible through support from the Bloomington Community Arts Commission and the City of Bloomington.

Hear Yaël's archived piece from Election Day 2008, when Mitch set up at the Monroe County Courthouse to entertain voters.

You can hear more of Mitch's music, and see photos from his bike rides through the Hoosier uplands, at his blog.

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