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Reva Shiner Comedy Award Winner At The BPP

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The Bloomington Playwrights Project read through more than two hundred entries before selecting Amanda Rogers' I Am Grock as this year's winner. "I'm very excited about winning and about everything that's happened since," says the playwright.

I Am Grock is a comedy about a therapist who has to hold a session with her own family to prepare for a big TV show. Her therapy involves playing children's games. "I've always been fascinated by the search for truth, about how much and how little we know about those close to us. In my play the therapist gets so frustrated that she actually pulls a gun on her patients."

The play has its premiere at the BPP, but it's been subjected to a couple of readings and lots of revisions says Rogers. "We were fortunate that Neil Patrick Harris from How I Met Your Mother took an interest in the play and arranged an all star public reading in LA and it also had a reading with the Barrow Group in New York. Each reading has led to lots of revisions and in fact they are still going on."

The director for I Am Grock will be frequent BPP guest Tom Evans. "Working with Tom and the BPP's Chad Rabinovitz has been great" adds Rogers. We've already had a lot of communication. They've even sent me pictures of some of the props. I'm coming in a bit early during week before opening and I'll be there for opening night a talk back after the show."

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