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A Portrait Of Philip Glass By Angèle Dubeau and La Pietà

"Things happen sometimes without, you know, thinking really." That's how Angèle Dubeau says her ensemble La Pietà became an all woman ensemble. "I was a successful soloist, traveling the world to play with orchestras and chamber groups, but I felt the loneliness."

"When I had a chance to work on a project of recording concertos by Antonio Vivaldi, I thought it would be nice to put together a group which I would lead and play with. As I began to write down names there was no thought but virtuosity, musicianship and ability to get along with a group. That's important if you're going to work together."

"After I had written down the first three or four names, I looked at the paper and laughed. They were all women. I thought some more, added names and with very few calls put the group together. And we've been together for more than ten years now, so I guess it worked. "

Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà have gone on to record a number of CDs. There have been infernals violins, gypsy violins and even fairy tale violins. The latest CD is titled "Philip Glass: Profile."

"I learned about Philip Glass's music in 1980s in New York and even worked with him studying his violin concerto. Since then his music has been part of many concerts and films. His influence has even found its way into pop music and television commercials."

"I love his music and we're very proud that he's permitted us to record this album. It's titled "Profile" because it includes music that he wrote for ballet, for films, for orchestra and for chamber groups."

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