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A Place For Film Video Special - Visiting the Lilly Part 2

A still from Moonrise Kingdom

Video Special - Exploring the Lilly Library with Craig Simpson

On this week's episode, we're back at the Lilly Library with Craig Simpson, manuscripts archivist. This week he's brought with him material from the Pauline Kael collection, along with material from David Mamet and Carlo Lizzani.

We begin talking about Pauline Kael, her career, and how she inspired devotion and anger from the people she covered. We have letters from Kevin Bacon and Wes Anderson, and chat about his latest film Moonrise Kingdom.

We also get to look at David Mamet's creative process with his notes on The Untouchables, and some awards from the Carlo Lizzani collection.

We'll be back next week with a look at the silent era, enjoy this episode.

Video - Visiting the Lilly Library Part 2

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