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A Place For Film - The Orson Welles Series

Agnes Moorehead in Magnificent Ambersons

Episode 60 - Discussing The Orson Welles Series With Professor James Naremore

On this week's episode, we're talking to Professor James Naremore about the Orson Welles series coming to the Cinema in December. Professor Naremore has written a book about Welles and appeared on DVD commentary tracks for both Touch of Evil and Mr. Arkadin. We're thrilled to have him back on the podcast.

We start out with What Have You Seen Lately, and Jason is talking about a Nicholas Winding-Refn film, Valhalla Rising, and Andy is discussing some things at the Cinema.

We then launch into a long discussion of Orson Welles and his films, specifically Magnificent Ambersons, Citizen Kane, and Touch of Evil. Professor Naremore also discusses why Welles had such a hard time making the movies he wanted to make, and how some of the cuts affected Magnificent Ambersons and Touch of Evil.

It's always a great time when Jim Naremore stops by, so listen in!

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Movies Mentioned In This Episode:

Answer This!

Arthur Christmas


Casino Royale

Citizen Kane

Chimes of Midnight

Day For Night


I Was Born, But...



Ides of March

Lady From Shanghai

Last Picture Show


Magnificent Ambersons

Mr Arkadin


Private Life of Sherlock Holmes



Seven-Per-Cent Solution


The Leopard

The Muppets

The Stranger

The Third Man

Touch Of Evil

Treasure of the Sierra Madre


Valhalla Rising


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