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A Place For Film - Midnight Movies Fall 2012

Al Pacino in Cruising

Episode 95 - Discussing The Midnight Movie Series

On this week's episode we're inviting Communication and Culture Graduate Student David Church and School Of Library and Information Sciences grad student Sean Smalley to discuss the Midnight Movie series that they programmed.

We start off with What Have You Seen Lately. Jason is covering a slew of John Wayne movies including one originally shot in 3D, while Andy is talking about what's been playing at the Cinema, including the Joe Swanberg series, and a Western of his own.

After an extended discussion, we get into the Midnight Movies series. These are generally horror, sexploitation, or grindhouse style movies, so not for everyone, but they do cover an important part of film culture. All films will start at 11:59pm on their scheduled dates, and expect a rowdy crowd and a unique experience.

Video - Fall 2012 Midnight Movie Series

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Movies Mentioned In This Episode

2001: A Space Odyssey

Aguirre: Wrath Of God

Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry


Apollo 13

Beyond The Black Rainbow

Burden Of Dreams


Fata Morgana



Fleshpot on 42nd Street

Hannah Takes The Stairs

Heart of Glass


In A Glass Cage

Land Of Silence And Darkness


Ned Kelly

Nosferatu The Vapire

Paranormal Activity

Queen Of Versailles

Rogue Trader


Silver Bullets

Sun Don't Shine

Take This Waltz

The Imposter

The Island

The Killing Floor

The Shootist

THX 1138

Tick, Tick, Tick




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