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A Place For Film Interview - Girlie Jar

A still from Girlie Jar

Indy Film Fest Interview - Girlie Jar

In this interview, we are talking with Director Greg Oppman about his animated short Girlie Jar. This is a short about a father trying to open a pickle jar. We talk to Greg about his process for coming up with the idea, researching the time period he wanted to capture, and the technical process of creating an animated film.

This is a great episode for anyone interested in animated film. And check out the film as part of the Laugh A Minute shorts program at 3:30pm on Friday July 20th, and at 9:15pm on Monday July 23rd. It's also playing as part of an animated shorts program at 10:15am on Saturday July 28th at the Earth House.

Check it out at the Indy Film Fest and enjoy the interview.

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