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A Place For Film - Eliza Hittman And Hannah Fidell

A still from It Felt Like Love, directed by Eliza Hittman

Episode 153 - Interviewing Eliza Hittman And Hannah Fidell

On this week's episode, we're replaying two interviews that were completed earlier in the year. Hannah Fidell and Eliza Hittman are two IU grads, and both of their films played at Sundance this past year. Now they're visiting the IU Cinema the week of December 2nd.

We start with some new content with What Have You Seen Lately. We're all catching up on home watching, with films like Now You See Me, and The World's End.

We then replay the two interviews back to back. We'll be off next week for Thanksgiving, so you have lots of time to listen in to these interviews and get excited for these two amazing films.

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