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If Musick be the Food of Love

Mark Cudek is the Artistic Director of the Indianapolis Early Music Festival and Director of the early Music Program at the Peabody Conservatory. He leads the Peabody Consort and actors from the Indiana Repertory Theatre in a program titled "If Musik be the Food of Love" on July 19th. It's the festival's final concert of 2009.

WFIU's George Walker asked Cudek why he chose Shakespeare as the inspiration and focus for the concert.

"I've always been attracted to the plays of Shakespeare and in particular to the references that he makes to music. So over the years, I've collected them and sought for music that either was directly mentioned or that seemed appropriate."

Walker's second question was about the decision to add actors and drama to the songs and dances.

"Indianapolis offered us a wonderful opportunity to put on a program like this because of the easy availability of actors who really love and have broad experience with the plays. Because of their feel for the lyrical, the musical qualities of the language itself, they are naturals to work with."

"I'm really happy to be able to bring these dramatic artists together with the musicians and singers of the Peabody Consort. It's definitely a marriage that works and generates an experience that's more than either group by itself or even both groups separately."

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