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In The Limelight For March 15, 2011: Local Arts Headlines

Here's a look at what's in the limelight for the week of March 14, 2011 in local arts news.

Joffrey Ballet To Visit IU

The Joffrey Ballet of New York was the first American ballet company to appear on TV, to tour Russia, to perform at the White House, and to incorporate multimedia aspects into its performances. Now the company that's long been called "America's Company of Firsts" will have a first of its own: a performance at the IU Auditorium. The performance, which was announced last week, will be on April 5, and will feature music from composers as diverse as Tschaikovsky, Ravel and Philip Glass, with choreography by Gerald Arpino, Lar Lubovitch, and Edwaard Liang. The chair of the Department of Ballet at IU's Jacobs School, Michael Vernon, who has danced with the company, will give a talk before the performance.

Flashback For Indy

A new documentary aired for the first time this week on the local station WFYI. "Indy in the 60s" traces the history of that tumultuous decade in Indianapolis. The show has been months in the making by local station producer Jim Simmons, who collaborated with a range of local politicians, entertainers, and other public figures. It's the next step from a previous documentary installment, "Indy in the 50s," which aired several months ago. DVD copies will be available for purchase.

District Wide Art Show In Hamilton

The Hamilton Southeastern District Wide Art Show was held this past weekend at Fishers High School. The show featured over a thousand works of art by students in all the area schools, as well as live art demonstrations in classrooms. Student artists ranged in age from elementary through high school.

Cats At Indy Fringe

The IndyFringe Theater has long been known as Indiana's destination for unusual theatre, but next month it will welcome a group of performers unlike any others who've graced its stage. Tuna, Pinky, Waldo, Darby, Dakota and Ozwald aren't just any acrobats. In fact, they're called "Acro-Cats," and they're the members of Chicago's only trained domestic cat show. These are cats who can ride skateboards, ring bells, roll barrels, walk a tightrope, climb ropes, push shopping carts, and jump through hoops. Their performance is part of a fundraiser for the theater on April 1; a portion of ticket sales will benefit Cats Haven, Indianapolis's oldest nonprofit, no-kill cat shelter.

  • Learn about the troupe at their website.

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