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Lend Me At Tenor At The Shawnee Theatre

Actor Michael Cary actually planned on a career in economics, international economics. His senior project at Indiana University was an analysis of Asian financial criss. Then the theatre bug bit.

Since graduation he's acted with the Bloomington Playwrights Project, Indiana's Cardinal Stage Company and this summer, for the second year, with the Shawnee Summer Theatre. George Walker talked with him about his role as Max, the company gofer in Ken Ludwig's comedy "Lend Me a Tenor."

"Actually, my work on that Asian crisis was good training for the role, because my character is in the middle of one crisis after another. He's the much put upon underling for an opera company that's banking on the arrival of a world famous tenor. Unfortunately, the tenor is famous both for his fantastic voice and his incredible thirst."

"Poor Max, is an aspiring tenor himself, but he's far from ready when it appears that the tenor may be dead and Max is bundled into the costume for the performance. Lend Me a Tenor is a farce, so of course the tenor isn't dead and eventually there are two tenors wandering in and out of the requisite number of doors and closets."

"So, I'm happy to say as a former student of economics that I have a hand in solving the opera company's potential economic crisis, and-by the way-I get the girl."

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