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Ghost Storytelling Series: "Voodoo" Told By Stephanie Holman

"We humans are all storytellers. Some of us have just honed it as more of a performance."

Stephanie Holman has been performing her brand of storytelling for 20 years as part of the Bloomington Storytellers Guild and through her work at the Elletsville Branch of the Monroe County Library.

Story selection is key to being a successful teller, she says. It must be a story that you love and are eager to share with an audience. "But then you have to deliver it. The pacing, the sound effects that sometimes come in, some voices changing – this atmosphere is crucial!"

For the story "Voodoo," Holman enhanced a traditional story with her own details and some personal flare. "It's a story that you have to pay attention to. Even though it's short, it's not so sweet."


Mr. and Mrs. Decker had had marital spats for a number of months, and a little cooling off time was needed. So, Mrs. Decker had gone away on vacation for several weeks to some southern islands. But when she returned, she had no sooner started unpacking when she and Mr. Decker were at it again, fighting tooth and nail…

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