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Trio Settecento Returns with 'A German Bouquet'

Violinist Rachel Barton Pine seems as comfortable playing her electric five string Viper in front of a rock band under strobe lights as she does playing her four hundred year old Amati under concert lighting in front of a symphony orchestra. She's recorded a ground breaking tribute recording of the repertoire of American solo pioneer Maud Powell from a much earlier generation and she encourages the next generation of younger musicians with financial support.

Her most recent recording with her Trio Settecento is titled A German Bouquet. Trio Settecento began recordings with the Italian style sonatas by Handel, then a full Italian focus for "Italian Sojourn." "It's true that this is a new recording for us," said Pine. "However the group has been playing some of these pieces for a number of years in our concerts. We're happy to finally bring them to a recording."

There are some special things about this recording. For the earlier CDs Trio Settecento used cello and harpsichord. But on A German Bouquet there are some new instruments?

"Yes, we did feel that the repertoire itself called for different instruments and we did a lot of experiments. Our bowed bass player, John Mark Rozendaal is playing viola da gamba as well as the baroque cello and David Schrader plays a variety of harpsichords and even organs."

"John is the one who speaks most specifically about the changes. He says that with the harpsichord the attack is very strong but the sustain is weak so he tends to concentrate on the middle and end of the notes. With the organ, it's just the opposite, so he focuses more on supporting the attack."

"I play just one instrument. It's an original Nicola Gagliano from 1770 and one of the few instruments from the period that escaped modernization. It's original right down to most of its finish and a great partner. With it, I'm free to be the beneficiary of the stimulating musical and instrumental choices that we made together. "

Trio Settecento

A German Bouquet

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