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I Furiosi: Addicted to Love

If you click on the web for I Furiosi - Baroque, you'll find a nicely done site, attractive bios, a good story and lots of leather. The group's soprano Gabrielle McLaughlin explained it this way to George Walker. When the group got together about ten years ago, our first themed concert was "The Brazen Face of War." We wanted to dress appropriately, but none of us could afford armor or chain mail. We did have some black and some leather and it's sort of stuck.

The permanent members of the group are McLaughlin, violinists Aisslin Nosky and Julia Wedman, and cellist Felix Deak. They frequently work with a harpsichordist, organist or lutentist as a continuo player. For the Indianapolis concert they'll have lutenist Lucas Harris as the guest artist.

The current tour is titled "Addicted to Love." McLaughlin said that they picked pieces and composers that went way beyond restrained affection, "way overboard." "These are pieces about people who don't just like or need love. They've got to have it. We have pieces that come from the Renaissance and move right up to the modern period with a stop, actually quite a stop, in the high Baroque."

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