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Fleet Irish Feet Grace The IU Auditorium Stage

Lord of the Dance features many talented dancers. This year, that includes 2009 World Irish Dance champions Scott Doherty and Michael McHugh. We had a chance to talk with one of the dancers, Jason Gorman.

Highlights From The Interview

"I got started with Irish dancing when I was eleven," says Gorman. "I went to a class with my cousin. After a couple of invitations from the teacher, I did join the class. (Incidentally, my cousin dropped out.) I really got into it – in fact, I was only sixteen when I was asked to join the cast of Lord of the Dance in Las Vegas. I didn't get to graduate with my class or go to the prom. I did graduate and I've got my diploma, but it was just too good an opportunity to miss."

Jason is also an active outdoorsman. "I'm from California, and I love hiking and getting out into the country. I also like other forms of dance like ballet and even hip hop."

A Lord Of Light From The Sunshine State

"In the current production, I'm actually the ‘ethereal lord of light, the Lord of the Dance. It's a basic story that's sort of based on Irish folklore. There's conflict with my opponent The Lord of Darkness. And there's a bit of romance with a good woman and an evil one as well."

"Lord of the Dance is really a joy to be a part of. Audiences really get into it. We have people from five to eighty-five who are able to follow the story and to connect with the rhythm and the drama. I've had nearly a decade of the story and it's still fresh and new for me each time."

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