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Traditions Are Made To Be Broken In 'Fiddler On The Roof'

Fiddler on the Roof is the Tony Award-winning musical based on the stories Sholom Aleichem wrote about life in a shtetl, a small Jewish community under often brutal czarist rule.

In this warm and humorous tale, Tevye, the poor milkman, and his wife Golde are following the age old tradition of hiring a matchmaker to find husbands their three daughters. The daughters, though, would prefer to create their own traditions.

Does Money Make The Man?

Levi Wesemann is a senior at Bloomington High School South and a veteran of the musical group Sounds of South. He plays the butcher, Lazar Wolf, who's a suitor of Tevye and Golde's daughter Tzeitel. Levi describes the situation in the drama:

"The matchmaker thinks that I'm a good catch for Teitzel, and her mother is impressed that I'm wealthy, but Tevye has reservations. He wishes I were a scholar, but he comes around. The only catch is that Tzeitel has ideas of her own. So my part is meaty, but it's kind of a bummer."

You Go Home With The Man You Danced With

Jordan Goodman is also a senior with lots of stage credits, which she began accruing even before she was at South. "My character is Hodel, one of the wild daughters. I shock the family and the whole town when I agree to dance with a man in public – with Perchik, the revolutionary student that Tevye brought into our home to tutor us. Hodel is an independently minded young woman, and I'm last seen getting onto a train to join him in exile in Siberia."

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