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A Favorite From Christmas Past

Cardinal Stage Company brings a new adaptation of Dickens A Christmas Carol to Bloomington's Buskirk-Chumley Theater this holiday season. Artistic Director Randy White was taken with Karen Louise Hebden's new adaptation. He describes her work as one that "visualizes the episodes with clarity and unprecedented faithfulness to Dickens' original."

A Storytelling Approach

Rick Peeples left the frigid temperatures of Chicago for the now only slightly less chilly ways and byways of Bloomington to play Ebenezer Scrooge. "It's a great role, one that actually I've been asked about a few times before, but never took. Currently I'm really happy that I took it. Scrooge is a great character."

Hebden's adaptation is written in a storytelling style. Actors step in and out of character to narrate the tale.

"We're able to incorporate some nice little subtle bits, and a few more characters than you usually see. Actually, this lets us put in a bit more of the humor than you usually get." Peeples, though, never steps out of the character of Scrooge.

A Young Man In The Story

Eight year old Nathaniel Cox-Thurmond plays the Cratchit family's Tiny Tim. "It's actually my first stage role. There's a fair amount of dialog, but really it seems that an awful lot of what I do is singing." Nathaniel's older brother, twelve year old Adrian Thurmond is also in A Christmas Carol. "He plays an older kid, and he's actually helped me with my part."

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