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One Evening, Two Arabian Nights

The Crossroads Repertory Theatre's literary manager Jonathan Golembieki says that he loves to tell stories in new and compelling ways. Meanwhile, the company's property manager Rachelle Martin Wilburn says that she loves to shop.

The two are both hard-working theater people and playwrights who are working together to tell and outfit two classic tales in a production entitled 1,001 Arabian Nights.

Something New, Something Old

When it came to selection, Wilburn picked one of the less familiar classics.

"It's about wishes that come true, and then are poisoned by jealousy. It's called The Three Sisters." To balance things, Golembieki chose to focus on adventure, with the more familiar tale of Aladdin.

One Cast, Two Shows

The cast for 1,001 Arabian Nights is mostly the same that's playing in the musical Godspell, also at Crossroads. Golembieki and Wilburn are using some of their special talents and experience. "I've gotten pretty interested in musical theater," says Golembieki, "and I'm having the actor who plays Scheherazade sing."

Wilburn's ideas for The Three Sisters have also been affected by the casting. "I hadn't planned on it, but now The Three Sisters is going to include the use of masks."

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