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"Dancing After Dark" With Panache

Panache Dance is holding a month-long celebration of its first year culminating in a dance showcase called "Dancing after Dark."  Panache co-owner Sandy Myers opened the studio with her husband last year. "The two of us had gotten into dancing and it just became a more and more important part of our lives. It seemed risky, but we just wanted to open a business that had our real interest at its center."

"Dancing after Dark" will feature the choreography of World Exhibit Champ Tom Slater. "Getting people up to the possibility of public performance, of not just dancing for their own pleasure is a real thrill," said Slater. "There's actually a regular progress. First, there of course is real hesitance. Then as the choreography develops and the dancers get more confident there's a change. It becomes a real pleasure for them."

One of the dancers is Bianca Booher. Although still in elementary school Booher is also a competition gymnast. "I like dance and I like gymnastics. Actually, I don't choose between them. I just like them both," she says. Booher is a tiny and she's partnered with robust dance champ Tom Slater. "Our routine does include some substantial lifts," said Slater. "It's pretty easy with Bianca."

"Dancing after Dark" takes place at the Waldron Arts Center October 17th at seven followed by a masquerade dance party to commemorate the dance studio's one year anniversary.

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