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Contemporary Voices

dancers balance

The IU Dance Theater presents works by guest artists along with new dances by faculty members in a production by the IU Departments of Kinesiology and Theater and Drama. Here are a couple of snap shots from the upcoming production:

Visiting artist Ben Wegman notes that his dance, we note the invisible, presents a couple of special challenges for IU's contemporary dancers. "For one thing, I'm asking them to dance with a twenty-foot tall balloon figure. And, in perhaps even more of a challenge, I'm actually asking them to speak. There are scripted and improvised lines that will actually break down the fourth wall between themselves and the audience. This is asking a lot in both the areas of dance and theatre, but the students are really reacting very well to it. "

Director of the IU Contemporary Dance Program Elizabeth Shea's piece is entitled Between the Sun and the Moon. "It's a solo piece that grew out of my work with the IU Institute of Digital Arts and Humanities," says Shea. The solo dancer will be dancing in front of a cyclorama, a traditional backdrop and behind a front scrim, so there will be a sort of 3-D quality. "

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