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Constellation's Premiere of American Fast

Constellation American Fast image

Constellation awarded American Fast the 2022 Woodward/Newman Playwriting Award (Courtesy of Constellation Stage and Screen)

What does it mean to win at all costs? That is the central question of Constellation Stage and Screen’s latest production of the newest sports drama, American Fast, directed by Reena Dutt and starring Victoria Nassif.

The show tells the story of Khady Salama, a young basketball star who dreams of leading her team to an NCAA national championship. During her senior year, Khady promises her devout Muslim mother that she will fast during Ramadan, even though Ramadan coincides with the March Madness tournament. When Khady’s story is leaked to the public, she becomes a national sensation and an inspiration for young Muslim girls across the country. However, there’s one small problem...she’s been lying about fasting.

Written by Canadian playwright Kareem Fahmy, Constellation awarded American Fast with the 2022 Woodward/Newman Playwriting Award, which is presented to the best unpublished play of the year. Along with the award, the show landed a spot in Constellation’s 2023 mainstage season. The show runs at the Ted Jones Playhouse in Bloomington from March 23rd – April 8th. Listen to my conversation with director Reena Dutt and actor Victoria Nasif, who plays Khady, above.

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