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BHSS: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

Birds Of A Feather

Three alumni of Bloomington High School South's Theater South are spending their summer vacations putting on a play. Their performance of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) by the Reduced Shakespeare Company will benefit to support the Monroe County Community School Corporations Extra Curricular Activities Stipend Fund for students to come. Each student is unique, but all of them believe in the importance of the program.

One Flies West...

Kali Greenberg plans to take off this fall for Portland, Oregon. "I'm planning on a year out before returning to school there. For me and the others as well, Theatre South with Ms. Rademacher was an important part of our education. It gave me an opportunity to express myself, to learn, and to make friends I still keep up with."

Kali continues, "The show is great fun. Each of us is playing about fifteen parts. Oddly enough, I've got just one female role. Otherwise it's all guys."

...One Flew North...

Nat Stanger has already gone ahead with college theater in Minnesota. Back in Indiana this summer, though, he's happy to join the proejct. "Since my major is in theater, it's pretty obvious that Theater South was a formative experience. But even for people who don't go on, theater is a great thing. It can enrich a high school experience. We're having quite a time with The Complete Works. I'm playing pretty much all the women, so it's a pretty wiggy experience."

...And One Stayed Close To The Nest

Megan Salisbury is currently a student at Indiana University. Although she is not majoring in theater, Megan does a little 'improv' on the side.

"Although I'm not currently doing a lot of theater, it continues to be important because there are so many friends from the program that I still stay in touch with. That's not something you can put a dollars and cents figure on, but it really is an important benefit for the kids who get into the program. We want to help keep things like Theatre South and the other Extra Curricular Activities available to enrich the next group of students."

Because there are simply more male parts in Shakespeare than roles for women, Megan, like Kali, is spending most of the show in trousers. "I guess we're just leaving the skirts to Nate," she says with a smile.

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