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Clue: A Board Game Comes To Life

poster for play

Clue: The Musical is based on the popular Parker Brothers' board game. As with the game, the show begins with audience members drawing cards t pick the killer, the weapon and the room. Keeping those details secret is part of the fun.

Actor Josh Carroll who plays Colonel Mustard says "There are actually about two-hundred and sixteen possible scenarios, so it's always different." "Yes," chimes in Heather Lawler who plays Mrs. Peacock. "We have to be ready on any given night to be ready with our extra scene. It's really fun to work that way with actors that you trust."

During the fall and winter, Carroll is working on a masters degree in theatre. Lawler has moved to Chicago to pursue a full time career as an actor. They are both Shawnee veterans.  "This is my fifth non-consecutive season," says Carroll. "Last year was my first at Shawnee," says actor and choreographer Lawler. "I was in three shows and I'm happy to back in Bloomfield. "

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