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Classical Music Highlights for July

July 5th-9th

This new recording by our friendly brass ensemble from the north is full of patriotic flavor for the holiday season.  The gentlemen of the Canadian Brass have teamed up with period percussionist Robin Engelman to recreate the sounds of some of the older national tunes. And how could they resist a little patriotism themselves, as they conclude the album with an arrangement of "O Canada"?

July 12th-16th

Francesco Molino was one of many guitarists to leave Italy during the early nineteenth century to find a new home in the bustling musical metropolises of Paris and Vienna.  He straddled the line between composer and performer delicately with a creative sensibility much like his contemporary, Gioacchino Rossini. The ensemble Sérénade à trois presents a small sampling of his chamber works here with a charming result.

July 19th-23rd

Mozart's Church Sonatas came from some strict provisions put forward by the Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg, Count Hieronymus von Colloredo.  He had already decided to dismiss the young Mozart due to intense friction between their two personalities, but Mozart's father Leopold convinced him otherwise.  As a result, Mozart was to "faultlessly execute his duties" to the court and the cathedral by means of new compositions, including the 17 sonatas included here.

July 26th-30th

July 29th marks the 200th year since the birth of Robert Schumann, and musicians around the world will be celebrating this occasional through performances of his music.  Schumann's life was as tempestuous as you would expect from a Romantic composer, and his influence was felt by both his companions and successors. Gudrun Schaumann and Christoph Hammer have tried to captured a bit of that existence on this 2-CD recording of the music of Schumann and those near to him.

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