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'Chicks' Sequel Comes To Bloomington Playwright's Project

In "Chicks with Dicks II" playwright Trista Baldwin takes her gutsy feminist heroine into the far reaches of the cosmos in a "Battle with Cannibal Sluts from Outer Space."

The first "Chicks with Dicks" was such a rousing success that it begged for an encore.

Baldwin said she learned she "could trust the Bloomington Playwrights Project's director Richard Perez. On the play itself, somehow "II" came out a bit more political. Maybe it was the Obama campaign seeping into my consciousness and oozing out."

"I am interested in how a play is similar to a piece of music . In "Chicks II," I've tried to continue my exploration of that with a focus on the rhythm and timing through the dialog.

"Chicks with Dicks II" by Trista Baldwin plays Thursdays through Sundays at the Bloomington Playwrights Project, April 9-25, 2009 in a production directed by Richard Perez.

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