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Carole Hyneman Welcomes Music Back Into Her Home

carole hyneman playing the piano

North Christian Church (Columbus, Indiana) has rolled out a new program that's intended bring music into the homes of its community members. The church buys up digital pianos and loans themlong termto those who can't afford pianos of their own.

78-year-old Carole Hyneman will be the first recipient of an instrument. She'd been toying with the idea of buying a digital piano for her home; she even picked out a spot for it. But as she started shopping around, she realized she couldn't afford it.

"Because I'm getting old and I wasn't sure I wanted to spend as much money as you have to spend to buy one. So I hadn't," she says. She was offered the opportunity to borrow an instrument from her church just a few days earlier.

Listen: Carole describes her life playing the piano, and why six years ago she was forced to give up her instrument.

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