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There Goes the Bride At the Brown County Playhouse

The Brown County Playhouse's summer farce is Ray Cooney's There Goes the Bride. Its wedding time and farce master Cooney has the usual tensions and troubles mixed in with at least one really bizarre issue.

Yes, the bride has her issues with the bride's maids, the mother and even the groom. However it's the bride's father with the delusion that he's in love with a girl he met in a dream, a girl that only he can see, that really sets the tone for the hi-jinks.

George Walker talked with two of the actors, IU faculty member and dialect specialist Nancy Lipschultz and guest, veteran stage, screen and television actor Kurt Zischke about the challenges and the fun of farce.

Lipschultz went first. "The hardest part is the running around and the coming and going through all the doors. And the most fun is the running around and the coming and going through all those doors. It's the energy and the involvement that make for both."

Kurt Zischke was largely in agreement. "If there are five or more doors in the set, it's got to be farce!" He went on to say that "In theatre there's a thing that I call the click. It's when everything is working. It's when the hand offs are being picked up and the timing all matches."

Listen to WFIU's George Walker's review of There Goes the Bride.

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