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The Bloomington Symphony Heads 'To Infinity And Beyond'

conductor with baton

A lot of what we have to offer our children in this area comes from Indiana University and its students. This Saturday afternoon at College Mall, the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra is led by Jacobs School of Music student Charles Latshaw. The symphony's education director is School of Public and Environmental Affairs student Emmalyn Helge.

Taking Away Any Fear About The Instruments

The BSO actually began more than forty years ago as a project of an earlier Jacobs School of Music student. It has continued as a fully integrated town-gown ensemble. They present To Infinity and Beyond, a chance for kids to get up close and personal with the instruments, beginning at two, with a concert at three. "The kids really do get a kick out of the chance to see, and even play, the instruments," says Helge. "With the smaller instruments they can actually hold them and even try to make a sound. With the bigger ones, like a double bass or cello, there's a chance to pluck or bow."

Putting Some Of That Fear Back In

"For Infinity and Beyond we picked space music," says Latshaw. "Holst's The Planets was one obvious choice, and we also include music from Star Wars and Star Trek, but my favorite is a new piece Rosin Eating Zombies from Outer Space. It takes us back to those scary tense moments in movies of the 40s and 50s, before synthesizers took over. The audience will see how real instruments played those weird sounds."

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