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Baroque Virtuosity and Celtic Thunder

The Indianapolis Early Music Festival hosts flutist Chris Norman and violinist David Greenberg for a concert titled "Baroque Virtuosity and Celtic Thunder" on July 10th, 2009 in their new location the Basile Opera House at 40th and Pennsylvania.

David Greenberg is a violinist known for the variety of his interests. Critics have even borrowed a term from baseball and call him a "switch hitter."

WFIU's George Walker asked him about this variety. "Well, I've been living in Canada for the last decade, so I really know more about hockey than baseball. But, yes, some people have a hard time categorizing me. For the fiddle guys, I'm a little too classical and for the classicists, a bit too folky."

"My partnership for this concert and for much of my music making of the past years is with virtuoso flutist Chris Norman. One of our ongoing experiments is how to make two treble instruments work as well as the traditional duos of a bass and a treble."

However, for at least part of the Indianapolis concert Greenberg and Norman will be joined by lute player Ronn McFarlane and the Festival's Artistic Director Mark Cudek playing cittern and viol.

"Yes," said Greenberg," It really expands the variety that we can present. There will be songs, music of eighteenth century crossover composers, fiddle tunes and even some music from our own century."

In addition to the July 10th concert, Greenberg and Norman will be leading workshop sessions in the evenings of the 8th and 9th.

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