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Anastasia is based on the Broadway musical of the same name, It comes to the IU Auditorium on November 9th and 10th at 7:30. Vanya, Anastasia has a mysterious past and she has a con-man and an ex-aristocrat to help her. And a soviet officer is determined to silence her. The songs are “once upon a December” and “in a crowd of 6,000.” And you Brendon Delgado, Gleb the soviet officer determined to silence her.

Yes, correct, yes. My character is actually based on the animated cartoon movie. And we have five songs from that movie. This concept, also, basically includes a whole new score of songs. And my character is a new character. You might remember in the cartoon movie, you had Rasputin and Bartok that were the bad guys, a little more mystical. I was created simply for this musical. We are the Broadway musical, the Broadway tour.

Brandon tell us a little bit about your background

Absolutely, Yah. I was born and raised in New York City, went to public school there, was lucky enough  to go to LaGuardia High School , to the performing arts high school, the Fame school. From there I went on the New England Conservatory, where I studied operatic performance. Got my bachelors degree there. And in between what I’m doing now and graduating college, I started a real estate business. I became a real estate broker, to kind of like survive in New York City and work in something that would give me the flexibility to audition. During that time I did some performances and now I am here full-time on the road with Anastasia.

Now, you’re following Anya, Anastasia and she has a mysterious past. And you’re the Soviet officer who’s determined to silence her and bring her back to the Soviet Union?

Yes, exactly, I’m determined to bring her back to Leningrad. You ,know personally  this idea that a Romanov, you know the were the last czars of Russia . The fact that the idea , that this rumor is even spreading  in Russia is something that is unacceptable. It can’t be allowed. So, when I meet this young lady, who claims that she is Anastasia, who at first isn’t quite sure herself, but comes to realize that she is actually Anastasia. Make sure that, that rumor doesn’t get out, and become a truth to the people of Leningrad.

And when is this set?

It’s set in the early 1900s , ah 1917 on …1920s…on…

Do you have any songs in the show?

 Ah, Yah, I’ve got a few.  I have The Neva Flows which is a beautiful song where I talk about my story. Gleb, just a little back story on Gleb is that… his, his father was one of the guards who killed Anastasia’s family. Ah, If you Gleb Peganoff is not a real person, but if I do some, some  research you’ll find that ah. Stefan Peganoff was one of the guards that killed Anastasia’s family. So, in my song “The Neva Flows” I talk about my father. Trying to my pride, and my heritage, and my history, and my belief that he did something noble and good. There’s always this conflict, this duality. Because Gleb is not an evil person. He just ah, a product of his environment.

When we first interact we are in Russia, the streets of Leningrad. She finds her way to Paris. To, to meet with her grandmother, the dowager Empress, and show her that she is Anastasia . And I sneakily find her and confront her

And do you have another song? Is there another show song?

Yah, there’s also “Still” in the first act. Where I talk about Anastasia and these feelings of internal conflict that I have. Deep down inside, I do believe that she is Anastasia. That she’s something special and, and I don’t want her killed. But I also have a duty to my country and my heritage. So I touch on that duality , that conflict.

So, Anastasia based on the Broadway musical of the same name. Comes to the IU Auditorium on November 9th and 10th, plays at 7:30. Anya has a mysterious past, You’re the Soviet officer determined to silence her. You’re Brendon Delgado and  I’m George Walker for WFIU Arts. 

Anastasia from Broadway comes to the IU Auditorium on Tuesday and Wednesday
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