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Adam Gyorgy Plays Liszt, Bach, And Mozart

photo of thoughtful pianist on a couch

Despite a tendency of artists to focus on a small part of the repertoire, Adam Gyorgy has chosen to present a CD of music from the Baroque, the Classical and the Romantic periods.

The Connection

"For me music is an international language which connects different cultures, countries and people," says Gyorgy. "For me the most important thing in music is that it communicates our thoughts and philosophies. My favorite pieces on the CD just talk about me and my life's journey and about really what I have to do with the world. Despite their differences, I really am connected to all these pieces in the same way. So I did not get stuck with just Liszt or just Bach or just Mozart. I did put them all on the CD and I am really happy for that."

The Pieces

"The Bach partita was a very dear piece for me when I was a student. I was sixteen, seventeen years old when we were all playing it as an examination piece at the Bartok school. It's one of the most challenging and difficult of the Bach partitas. It's very dear to me, especially the slow movement. I just feel that Bach talks in the way that I would like to talk about myself."

"The Mozart sonata with its sparkling finger technique is very dear to me because I enjoy Mozart's sound creation and projection. The delicacy of this music is very, very dear to me."

"The Liszt transcriptions, the Rigoletto paraphrase and "La Campanella" have been in my repertoire for the past decade. I've toured with them in South East Asia, China, Singapore, all around Europe and in my New York debut in 2008. I keep coming back with these pieces as encores."

The Collection

"The CD has some of my best performances and memories from concerts and encores. I'm very happy to launch the CD with my favorite pieces together."

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