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2010 BloomingPlays Festival

The 2010 BloomingPlays Festival is a celebration of new plays by Hoosier playwrights at the Bloomington Playwrights Project.

"My Play Is My Baby"

April Smallwood has had a long association with the Bloomington Playwrights Project, in a variety of roles. This time, it's as a playwright.

"I'd definitely say that playwriting is my passion. I actually feel as if my play, Russ Miles, is kind of my baby. At the same time, I have to say that dealing with a character who's kind of a terrible person is a struggle."

Smallwood sees her flawed character with a certain humanity. "In a way, he's not that different than a lot of us, or at least parts of us. I often think that most people's biggest problem comes from not being able keep out of their own way."

"As Close To Myself As I've Come On Paper"

Gabe Gloden began his formal association with the BPP thru an IU internship. Since then, he's assumed a variety of artistic and administrative jobs. His late night feature at the festival is called How to Kill.

"I did start in administration and I've pretty much done that one way or another, along with acting, ever since. I have written five minute pieces before, but this is my first extended piece. Although it's a bit grim, it's probably as close to myself as I've come on paper. Like April says, it's been hard to have this character around, but I'd have to say with her that my guy does share some pretty common sentiments. He just has unique ways of expressing them."

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