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Why Pit Stops Are Important

Have you ever taken a road trip with someone who refuses to make pit stops? The we-can't-pull-over-until we've-covered- another-two-hundred-miles type? People joke about this kind of behavior, but little do they realize what a serious matter it is.

A great deal of damage could be done to your bladder if you get into a car accident when you've been "holding it." Think about it. You've got a full bladder and a seat belt strapped across your abdomen. In the impact of a car crash, your bladder is something like a balloon. The fuller it is, the easier it is to burst it.

Of course, you can reduce your risk of suffering serious damage to your bladder if you make regular rest stops. You should also wear your seat belt correctly, across your hips rather than across your abdomen. In case you ever are in a car accident, signs that your bladder has suffered trauma include blood in the urine, difficulty or pain urinating, a weak urine stream, fever, and severe back pain.

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