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Uncovering An Even Taller T. Rex (And Others!)

Obviously, paleontologists have done lots of examining when it comes to dinosaur bones.

It's how we know their height and body shape. We can even learn important clues about their posture and movement by studying their petrified skeletons.

But what about in between the bones? The soft stuff? You know, the cartilage!

A Little Spring In Their Step!

By taking a closer look at the leg joints of several dinosaur species, scientists were able to make some new conclusions on dinosaur stature. It turns out that the cartilage in these joints was very thick, adding almost a foot to the previously estimated heights of these ancient giants!

A foot may not seem like much when you're looking at the big guys, like the Tyrannosaurus rex. However, the difference is significant enough to stir the curiosity and research of scientists.

The thickness of joint cartilage has more implications for these dinosaurs than just height alone. It could also tell scientists if a dinosaur was faster, slower, or what kind of posture it had.

Learning about bone and cartilage formation in these dinosaurs will help promote the study of how and why animals have the joints that they do!

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