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Wild Science: Turkey Vultures

woman with turkey vulture

Today on Wild Science, we feature Kathy Hershey of Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators discussing the turkey vulture, Cathartes aura. From top to toe, the vulture is supremely adapted for eating only dead things. They eat carrion, roadkill, anything dead they can find.

One of the most amazing things about turkey vultures, Kathy Hershey shares, is their ability to eat almost anything biological and not get hurt.

We also talk briefly about their relatives, black vultures, Coragyps atratus. Black vultures are more aggressive than turkey vultures; if something is teetering on the verge of life, they'll push it over. Turkey vultures will hang around in the background, and are often blamed for the actions of black vultures.

Thank you to Kathy Hershey for being interviewed, giving us such great information, and for introducing us to these beautiful birds.

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