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Top 5 Challenges of Sustainability

A report published by the International Council for Science and the International Social Science Council will help give the world a more focused view on sustainability.

These five areas are what these scientists believe to be the key to sustaining our planet. This doesn't just mean protecting our environment, but our society and economy as well.

Now is The Time To...

  1. Forecast-It is increasingly important that scientists make predictions about future changes in our environment and how those changes will affect people.
  2. Observe-Predictions will not be possible without careful observation of changes that are occurring today. Scientist hope to find more efficient ways to carry out this research.
  3. Confine-Once disruptive changes are identified, scientists need to formulate a plan to quickly manage these environmental changes.
  4. Respond-Scientists cannot manage the environment all by themselves. Institutional, economic and behavior responses are all required in order to achieve a sustainable planet.
  5. Innovate-Innovation in technology and policy should be made a top priority, not just in our own country, but throughout the world.

With this road map in place, the international structure for enacting these goals is the next step. Scientists hope that these simple guidelines will help drive global sustainability and innovation within the next decade.

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