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A Moment Of Science Tackles Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, A Moment of Science decided to compile a list from our archives of the best Thanksgiving related posts. So, while you munch on turkey and mashed potatoes, take a few moments to learn the science behind the holiday.

Get Your Gravy On!

How Gravy Becomes A Sauce: Anyone who has made gravy for a big holiday dinner knows that heating a bit of fat and some flour, and then adding broth will eventually create a thick sauce to cover your plate of mashed potatoes and turkey. But exactly what turns these three ingredients into a smooth sauce?

Watch Your Waist!

Health Issue: The Size Of Your Waist: While snacking on turkey, make sure you don't go overboard! You may have heard that it is important to watch the size of your waist. Why is this true? Having a very large waist is a sign of being overweight or obese. But even if you‘re not technically overweight, waist size is still something to keep an eye on.

Using Turkey For Power

Turkey Power: Turkey isn‘t just what‘s for dinner anymore. Waste from the feathered holiday creature can now be transformed into other kinds of energy.

Home Cookin'

Why Do We Love The Taste Of "Mom‘s Cooking?" Why do most people like "Mom‘s cooking"? Although family attachments can account for part of our appreciation, the fact that Mom‘s (or Dad‘s) cooking tastes good to us also has some basis in genetics.

Picky Eater Help

How To Easily Make Your Kids Eat Vegetables: Do you ever have trouble getting your kids to eat their vegetables? Unfortunately, a lot of youngsters simply refuse to eat their veggies. Studies show that giving vegetables a cool name helps kids eat them.

Get Ready For Some Football!

And… It‘s Good! The Science Of NFL Punting: Planning on watching some Thanksgiving Day football? Learn how kickers launch a football 120 feet in the air at 90 miles per hour.

Attractive Turkeys

Females Prefer Long Snoods: If you are a male human, you may try and attract potential mates by the flex of your pectorals, the curvaceous stretch of your ferrari, and the mass of your bank account. However, female turkeys know only one thing really counts in a mate, and that‘s snood length.

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