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Talking While Driving

woman drives while talking on cell phone

So you think you can talk on your cell phone while driving, eh? Even if you have both hands on the wheel and are talking on a hand-less device, phone talking while behind the wheel poses serious driving dangers. Scientifically proven.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

A study done by a psychologist and an engineer at the University of Rhode Island had volunteers wear eye-tracking devices while they drove. The researchers found that a driver's eyes move around a lot--we scan the road, check our speedometers and stay alert for surprises. When talking on a cell phone at the same time, though, eye motions fell to almost zero--the subjects simply stared at the bumper ahead of them.

Stay Alert

The issue seems to be not talking on the phone per se but concentrating on a second task, such as making a decision with the person on the other end of the line. When we do that, we take our mental energy away from driving and become less diligent.

Not only do you need both hands behind the wheel, but you need both eyes and ears, too!

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