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Superconductors Work Better With A Little Bit Of Alcohol

Scientists have discovered that superconductors work better if they have been soaking in alcohol. Strange, but true!

Unusual Discovery

Superconductors conduct electricity and are similar to most metals. All metals have some resistance to the flow of electricity, which means that their conductivity changes. It is known that when the temperature drops, the superconductors becomes less and less resistant and more conductive. The scientists wanted to see how high temperatures effect the flow of electricity for superconductors.

At the National Institute for Materials Science in Japan, the scientists were in the process of soaking a superconductor in hot water for hours. Later, they soaked the compound in a mixture of ethanol and water.

After hours of research and great results, the scientists decided to celebrate with alcohol. With a few drinks in them, the scientists decided to soak the compound in the alcohol (just for fun.) To their surprise, the compound became highly conductive.

Comparing The Results

The compound mixed with water and ethanol became 15 percent conductive. However, red wine managed to supercharge 62 percent of the compound!

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