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Blue-Ribbon Bots: What Are The World's Coolest Robots?

Who doesn't love a good robot story?

A Moment of Science is always keeping its eyes peeled for the latest and greatest mechanical marvels. The fact is, robots are becoming less science fiction and more a part of our everyday lives! The question is, can you handle the robot invasion?

Check out the best bots in the biz!


The Super Spy: Not to make you paranoid, but did you ever hear of robot spies? Watch the video to spy on the spy!

Robot Birds: Designing Micro Spy Vehicles [VIDEO]

The Life-Saver: The hottest lifeguard on the beach doesn't even wear a swimsuit.

EMILY: The Pamela Anderson of Robots

The Record Setter: This little guy is making laps and setting world records.

"Ranger" The Robot Sets A Distance Record!

Best Talent

The Taste Tester: Who says robots aren't cultured?

How To Pick The Best Wine... Sort Of

The Neat Freak: Finally! House cleaning robots to the rescue.

The Coming (Cleaning) Robot War

The "Rocker": This wall-climber is a swinging sensation!

Robot Climbs Walls

Most Life-Like

The Copy Cat: Biomimetics... Robots that mimic real life? Cool!


The Terminator: Robots straddle the line between "wow" and "weird...".

The Uncanny Valley and Non-Human Expression

Honorable Mentions

The Nano-bot: This goes to show that robots come in all shapes and sizes. Beware of the 'grey goo'!

Robot Attack

The Rookie: This award winner has is overcoming all obstacles, literally.

WPI Robotics Team Wins 'Rookie of the Year'

The Tag Team: What's better than a new, high-tech robot? Well, a whole team of them!

Two Robot Minds are Better Than One

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