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Remembering Appearances

Who do you think is better at remembering details of people's appearances, women or men?

Women are indeed more skilled than men at remembering details of people's appearances. In fact, when it comes to interpersonal sensitivity, women surpass men in a variety of skills. For instance, women are also superior in using nonverbal details to read people's personality characteristics.

Sensitivity to details of appearance enables a person to interact with others more effectively and wisely. Perhaps what is most surprising is that there isn't much of a gap between how well men and women remember details of appearance. Women are only slightly better at this than men. Want to venture to guess which sex's appearance both men and women are better at remembering?

Men and women both are better at remembering the appearances of women than of men. And psychologists make the same hypothesis that the diversity of women's fashion makes women's appearances more distinguishable and thus more memorable than men's appearances. Looks like you're more observant of appearances than you think.

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