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Recycled Plastic Bottles Buoy Boat For 9,000 Mile Voyage

Can you imagine traveling 9,000 miles for four months on plastic bottles?  That is exactly what a crew did when they sailed from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia.

David de Rothschild had a problem with discarded plastic bottles and their tendency to wind up in the ocean.  He decided to create his own boat made of 12,500 of these bottles.

Rothschild, along with five other crew members, spent most of their voyage cramped together in the catamaran's cabin.  At times it was very unpleasant.  They took salt water showers and ate dehydrated food.  However, they did manage to get a Skype connection at sea which meant that Rothschild could witness the birth of his first child.

The bottle boat is on display at Sydney's Australian National Maritime Museum.  Rothschild hopes that the boat will inspire more people to become environmentally conscious.

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