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Fact Or Fiction: Pregnant Women Should Not Wear High Heels

Say you're five or six months pregnant and you're invited to a wedding. It's a formal affair, and although your belly isn't as flat as it used to be, you still want to look sexy and fashionable.

Normally, this would mean wearing those three inch high heel shoes that make your legs look great. But given that you're pregnant, heels may not be the best choice.

Why Are Heels A Bad Choice?

It's mainly a matter of balance and equilibrium. Even when you're not pregnant, high heels make walking more difficult. One stumble and down you go. Being pregnant makes walking in heels all the more challenging.

When you're pregnant, the extra weight and girth shifts your center of gravity forward, which makes it harder to maintain balance even in sensible, flat shoes. Perched up on high heels, the shift in your center of gravity makes stumbling all the more likely.

Give Your Feet A Rest

Pregnancy also causes some swelling in the feet and ankles that affects how signals are sent to parts of the brain responsible for maintaining balance. So when you're pregnant it can be harder to sense which way to shift to stay upright if you stumble. Again, wearing heels will only raise the risk for stumbling in the first place.

Experts say that the best shoes to wear when you're pregnant are wide, flat shoes with soft arch supports and plenty of wiggle room for the toes. When you're pregnant, your feet may swell more than is normal during the day, making shoes that fit in the morning feel too tight by the evening.

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