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One Step Closer to Living Longer

Lot's of people want to live longer.

Luckily, science is giving us longer lifespans all the time. Researchers these days are even starting to understand how the body sends signals to itself, determining how it ages.

It may sound like science fiction, but a recent study conducted by James Carey and his colleagues at the University of California found a link between how long a mouse lives and its ovaries.

The researchers removed the ovaries of one set of mice when they were a few weeks old. Those mice didn't live as long as mice who still had their ovaries. Another group of mice had their ovaries removed but got young ones later.

The mice with the young ovaries implanted into them lived forty percent longer than the ones who kept their original ovaries, and sixty percent longer than the ones with no ovaries at all!

Some chemical message is being sent from the ovaries to the rest of the body, telling it what stage of life it is in. By renewing their ovaries, the scientists were essentially able to set the clock back. If we could understand how the body tells itself to age, maybe we could make other species live people.

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