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Older Women Who Marry Younger Men Do NOT Live Longer

You may have heard that men who marry much younger women increase their life expectancy. Is the same true for older women who marry younger men?

Living Longer

According to a study by German researchers, the same does not hold true. In fact, they found that women who pair up with men several years their junior tend to live shorter lives.

Marriage and relationship experts speculate that it may have something to do with the fact that, in general, men are not the best caregivers. Especially younger men.

Younger Men As Caregivers

So say a 35 year old woman marries a 22 year old man, and that they stay together for a long time. Now let's imagine that when the woman is in her early 70s she's starting to have health problems.

Her husband, who's only in his late 50s, may be used to his wife taking care of the house and taking care of him, and so he may not be entirely attentive to her needs. Lacking adequate attention, the woman may not get the healthcare she needs when she needs it.

That's only one possibility. There are probably other factors at play, too. And one day, another study may tease them out.

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