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Newly Single And Less Healthy

Getting divorced or being widowed is often a difficult, harrowing process.  It can wreak mental havoc.

But did you know that losing a spouse also takes a physical toll?

The Physical Toll Of Losing A Spouse

According to one study, a marriage that ends due to divorce or death is often so stressful that the participants see their health decline.

The stress of getting divorced or being widowed can result in less sleep, a poor diet, and less exercise.  Newly single people are more likely than the happily married to have heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Can You Remarry Without Health Declining?

And, the study says, that's the case even for people who remarry.  The end of a marriage can be so traumatic that even getting married again tends not to completely heal the psychic wounds and dispel the stress.

Get Married And Stay Married

Bottom line, the study found that the healthiest situation is to get married and stay married.

Why?  Because, as other studies have shown, married couples tend to look out for each other's health.  Married women are more likely to have access to quality health care than single women.  And married men typically have healthier habits.  A single guy is more likely to drink, smoke, and get less sleep than a guy whose wife keeps tabs on his health.

That's not to say, though, that you should stay married at all costs.  Staying in a bad relationship can be just as stressful as getting a divorce.

But if you're happily married, that's a healthy place to be.

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