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Have you heard of the Charcharodon Megalodon?

It's a mouthful.  Pronounced Kar-KAR-ah-DON MEG-ah-la-don, you better hope you don't meet one, or you might be it's mouthful!

The Megaladon was the largest shark to ever roam the oceans, thought to be the ancestor of the modern day great white. The Megaladon grew to be over 50 feet long, and unlike modern whale sharks, it was very much a meat eater.

However, if the Megaladon no longer exists, how do we know any of this?

Paleontologists have discovered fossilized teeth, and used them to reconstruct what the jaw size must have been. The teeth are bigger than your hand, and several grown men can stand inside Megaladon jaws!

Almost all ichthyologists, or people who study fish, agree that Megaladon is a long-extinct species.

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